Pre Cast Australia:

Precast Australia is an established name in the concrete fabrication industry of Western Australia with a portfolio of Tier 1 clients and projects.

Precast Australia is now offering: precast concrete supply, precast concrete installation, and with assistance from SIMPEC, structural steel supply and installation as a package –compelling point of difference that is being well received by the market.

These synergies will form a template for future offerings, allowing the Weststar Group to diversify and extract further value from Precast Australia's contracts rather than only the precast concrete vertical.


SIMPEC is a construction contractor with specialist experience in both Structural Mechanical and Piping (SMP), and Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) works.

SIMPEC's core capabilities provide clients with a fully integrated solution through its key personnel that provide skills to deliver projects for all infrastructure, energy, mining, oil and gas projects.

SIMPEC holds contracts with some of Western Australias largest mining companies including but not limited to BHP, Iluka Resources and Tronox Limited.

Distinct Developments:

Distinct Developments addresses small to mid-size mixed-use property projects, a niche in the local market.

Distinct Developments will capitalise on synergies within the Weststar group resulting in a new, low-risk revenue stream at minimal cost.

Distinct Developments are actively researching the best development opportunities in the WA region.